Playfulness and Sincerity

Playfulness and sincerity can co-exist.
— No-Fi Soul Rebellion

After nearly four hours of bending, twisting, sweating, swearing, getting "comfortably uncomfortable" and discovering new capabilities, I looked out in front of me: smiles. Anyone can put someone's ass through the ringer. It's the Jillian-Michaels-in-your-face-Napoleon-complex-puking-equals-progress-"I'm-not-here-to-make-friends" style of training that compels ratings through the roof every season of Biggest Loser. Type-A me used to seek it out as some sort of validation that the work I was doing mattered. 

A decade later, two major injuries later, I'm still a Type-A practitioner with an overindulgent commitment to the "hard" poses. However, ten years has been enough time to begin making room for lightness, for stillness, for "good space." 

As a teacher I find myself constantly riding the line between wanting students to enjoy class and elevating their experience. This, like everything else, is not an either/or game. Playfulness and sincerity must do more than co-exist: they act as complementary parts of a whole. 

Thanks to all of the fantastic yogis who took me in and gave me two amazing BACK-TO-BACK! workshops at Radiant OM Yoga. Through all the sweat, you never lost your smiles. Thank you for your playfulness and sincerity. That energy made its way 6500 miles home with me!