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BREAK THROUGH | back pain

  • Urban Yoga Dubai Executive Towers - 3701 Aspect Tower Dubai United Arab Emirates (map)
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Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action. -BKS Iyengar

How much do we know about how we hurt? Why? This workshop is where we give intelligence to action. We ask. We explore. We rebuild. There is no magic cure in addressing what hurts, but we are dedicating these few pressure hours to listening in to what our bodies and minds are trying to tell us. 

This workshop is near and dear to my heart. It was yoga that broke me and yoga that put me back together after a decade of chronic, debilitating pain.. Our lives close us off- physically, mentally, emotionally. These two hours aren't magic- but I guarantee they are the beginning of a transformation. There will be a lot of practical tips for breaking the cycle of chronic pain and suffering. Whether it's your first step on your mat or it's like a second home, please join me to start inviting in and cultivating a little "good space (sukham)."

About Guest Teacher Mindy Sisco |

I suffered from chronic low back pain for more than 10 years and had the fortune of working with a teacher that gave such simple insight that helped me break through the pain.  Because of this training, I have been pain free for the past 5 years and continue to get stronger and more pliable with age rather than the other way around!

**(This workshop is highly recommended for those managing low back pain, hip pain. Please notify Mindy of physical conditions/limitations.)**

This workshop is for everyone. Back pain is an all too common chronic ailment. From sports to driving to sitting at work- our modern lifestyles are not kind to our spines. Whether you are a runner than needs a new path to balance your body or have been limited by the pain from enjoying activities- there is useful, accessible information for all. Yes, you can! 

***This workshop does involve partner work- please be comfortable touching others and being touched.***

Registration Information |

Please visit Urban Yoga in person or use their online Mind Body Online portal to register.


Student Reviews

I feel very lucky to have found such a talented teacher, with such understanding of how the body works and sensitivity to injury. The work with you has been transformational for me. - Daun

(Mindy) is versatile in her teaching skills, wonderful at adjustments and has developed her own style and adaptations that make her stand out among teachers. - Joanne, Tribal Yoga Tulum

I was given my best adjustment in her class and her unique and creative way to help students align correctly ensure students can find correct alignment in self practice. - Amy

This was by far the best intensive I've ever attended. 10 hours of intense physical practice over the course of two days! How do we know Mindy is amazing? I'm not sore! I have no back pain after three hours of backbending. She teaches with so much integrity for the body. Thank you Mindy. - Sara, The Studio Cleveland

I’ve experienced much pain relief in my jaw, wrists, and low back.

My whole body is recovering. Now I can enjoy spending more time with my kids in my daily life that I couldn’t before because I would get tired easily. - Seonghee