Mindy Sisco

Mindy is currently on sabbatical. Join her at Kaizen, October, 2017 for part I of Kaizen's 200hr Teacher Training Course!

Mindy's classes follow more of a workshop format rather than a standard weekly, leveled vinyasa class. This allows me to build with students on specific objectives over a set period of time. 

My mission as a teacher is empowering you to continue exploring, redefining and superseding the assumed limitations of your capabilities. The impact of yoga is more than a spectacle of contortion. Whereas the broad arena of athleticism is narrowly focused on higher, faster, stronger, thinner, bigger- yoga takes you as you are and says: try. There is no greater thrill, no greater achievement, than surprising yourself. 


Simon Kang

M-F am  and pm classes. Please check schedule for Simon's full schedule.

Aug.2014 YOGA ALLIANCE RYT200h Yoga Teacher  (Mysore, India with Santosh Kumar)
Feb.2013 TacFit Field Instructor (Seoul,Korea with Alberto Gallazzi)
July.2011 CNT Lv1& 2 (Chicago,USA with John Hinds)
July.2011 FMS/Functional Movement Screen(Chicago,USA with Gray Cook)
July.2011 First Aid, Adult CPR, AED-Adult (Iowa,USA)
Sep.2010 HKC/Hardstyle Kettlebell Certificate(Seoul,Korea with Jon Engum)
Mar.2010 CrossFit Lv1(Okinawa,Japan)

Cindi L'Abbe

Sundays 6-730pm | Movement


Cindi has been teaching yoga for ten years. She originally trained to teach Ashtanga yoga at FLOW Yoga and Dance Studio in Brattleboro Vermont. Her background in exercise science and dance influence her teaching style, which focuses on improvisational, intuitive vinyasa sequences and a focus on finding balance between strength and mobility. She completed the yoga teacher training program at Yoga Point Ashram in Nashik, India in 2014.

Cinthia Palmer

Sundays 6-730pm | Movement


Coming soon!

Danielle Kim

Tuesdays 630-8pm | Vinyasa Flow  (July)


Danielle first found yoga during the summer of 2010, when she decided to humor a friend and yoga teacher and attend one of her classes.  One hour later, Danielle was certain that yoga would forever be a part of her life.
In the fall of 2011, she left Canada for Korea, to experience a new culture, travel, and try her hand at teaching as a way to overcome a fear of public speaking.  Yoga, whether it be a home practice or in a studio, has been a constant in Danielle’s life throughout these changes.  She believes that, through this practice, she has gained more confidence and hopes to be able to share that with others.
In the spring of 2017, she completed her 200 hour teacher training through Kaizen Korea.