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Mantra in Motion | Intro to Ashtanga 5-Day Immersion

  • Tribal Tulum Mexico (map)
Now begins the study of yoga.
— Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras 1.1

What | Ashtanga Yoga is the most practiced style of yoga around the world. It serves as somewhat of an international language in the yoga community- walk into any Ashtanga studio worldwide, and you will all be practicing the same sequence. However, for a novice, a google image search can yield intimidating results. This workshop will be the first building blocks of establishing this dynamic and progressive sequence. This is the primer for joining this vast international practice.

Who | Don't let Instagram fool ya! This practice is intended to be for everyone- as you are, exactly in this moment. After my ACL reconstruction, I did my own physical therapy using this sequence daily. I was 90% after 6 weeks. Of course there were modifications- this workshop is an opportunity to learn this techniques for personalizing this poses to your needs. 

When | Monday - Friday 12.25-12.29.17, 10-11:30am | Breakdown of practice of the Ashtanga Primary Series; Saturday 12.30.17 will be a led Ashtanga practice. 

Where | Tribal Yoga

Why | Because the holidays are wonderful but leave us exhausted and we need a way to refuel in all aspects- body, mind and spirit. 

How | Sign up in person, via FB or Instagram at Tribal Tulum.  

Daily Focus |

Monday | Sun Salutation A + B, Foundational Postures

Tuesday | Closing Postures

Wednesday | Seated Postures

Thursday | Challenge Postures

Friday | Led Ashtanga Primary (modified)

Investment | 5-day immersion $110; $30 daily drop-in

50% discount to monthly Tribal members

Questions? Please get in touch! PM Mindy Sisco for more details.