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Super (SPRING!) Saturdays! 카이젠요가 주제별 워크샵

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Welcome to our Spring deep dive into asana practice! In winter we used the means of specific peak poses to explore undiscovered parts of our bodies and practice. This March, we widen the focus to dissect different movement patterns. This is good for students looking pinpoint some part of their body that needs some TLC or learn how to start honing in on a goal pose. This is very beneficial for teachers wanting to understand how to break down asana and sequences into their parts. (See below for individual workshop specifics.)

All workshops are appropriate for all levels including beginners. The workshops will be challenging, but doable. You will be introduced to many skills to work with 

Workshops are 5 Saturdays in March, 2-4pm. 

Registration Information | 

Single workshop- 35,000w |

(3) workshops - 90,000w | full series (5)- 125,000w

May be paid via cash in studio, paypal or bank transfer.

Paypal- | Bank Transfer- Busan Bank #112-2197-7512-01

#1 Hip Opening | 3.3.18

Welcome to the plight of the modern life- constant sitting. Tight hips wreak havoc in a myriad of ways. Forget contortion and cirque du solei- breaking open space in the hips is the key to living pain free. In this workshop we gain practical, everyday tools for undoing everything our daily lives to keep us bound up! 


#2 Backbending | 3.10.18

This is very much an extension of workshop #1. What is the most common pain complaint? Low back pain. Again- beautiful shapes are great, but the true power of yoga is in its ability to help us live freely in our bodies without pain. 

#3 Twists | 3.17.18

Why twist? Because life isn't all green smoothies and detoxes. Twists are the little supercharge to our digestion that we needs to keep the whole system running smoothly. 


#4 Inversions | 3.24.18

Getting upside is so important for helping out your circulation, supporting the immune system and not to mention is helps build our bravery! More than drilling to stand on your hands, we will explore a plethora of ways to get upside down to reap the benefits of inversions at every level of practice. (Please notify Mindy of neck, shoulder and wrist injuries.)

#5 Arm Balances | 3.31.18

It's important to train as smart as we train hard. Particularly with yoga, the shoulders take the brunt of the beating. In this workshop, you will gain strength training techniques to start working towards all your favorite funky shapes without the setbacks of injuries!!!!!