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Learn to Run! 0 to 1 Mile in Two Weeks

  • Toula Yoga 2720 1st Ave NE Suite 108 Cedar Rapids United States (map)
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Running seems like a no-brainer- but as a repetitive activity, it’s the repetition that gets us into trouble. We go from conscious effort into muscle memory and sometimes our muscles haven’t done their homework!

It’s spring and I want you to come play outside with me. The program starts with the framework of yoga, getting our muscles to do their homework- everything down to the little baby toes- so they pull together as a strong team when we hit the track!

The first week will focus specifically on technique- consciously placing our feet to carry our weight correctly. It will be slow motion walking. Moving into week two we will put those “body brains” to the test with some very short intervals running or walking. Sprints are actually a lot safer than distance in terms of wear and tear on the body- you will get tired before you have a chance to strain something.

Finally, we put the proper biomechanics we’ve cultivated through the yoga with the technique of the drills on the track and the breath-work together to run/walk a mile at the culmination of the program.

Running is very empowering. It makes me feel strong, free, in my body and in the right frame of mind facing challenges throughout my day. The old adage of “no pain no gain” is just that- old. Running shouldn’t be suffering. Come take it step by step with me over these two weeks to reconnect with your body, your mind, your power and possibilities!

Tues - Friday 6-715pm (6-640pm in studio at Toula, 645-715pm outside on the track)

$115 | sign up with a friend for $190 (save $40)

***Class will be held rain or shine! Only exceptions will be made for lightning storms***