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Kaizen in Vietnam!

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W 7.24 Therapeutic Backbending


(한글설명은 아래에) Beyond thrilled to be bring this back *benefiting* work to one of my favorite place, Hoi An! We are excited to be working with Nomad Yoga to continue sharing this deep work around the world. We are #bettertogether !

Please join Simon and me for two hours of understanding what hurts, why, and how to begin breaking through.

This workshop is for absolutely everyone.* If you have pain, disc issues, please message Mindy Sisco in advance so she is aware of your needs.

*In the case of recently surgery, please consult your doctor as to the appropriateness of starting an exercise regimen.*

Registration | 300,000VND
Payable in cash to Nomad Yoga
15,000w (in Korea) via bank transfer
KB Bank #1111-0204-007312 | Kang Byeong Gil

지금껏 수많은 여행지 중에서 제가 가장 좋아하는 곳 중의 하나인 호이안에서

제가 가장 좋아하는 워크샵 주제 중 하나인 '치유적 백밴딩' 워크샵을 가르치게 되어 너무나 설레입니다!

이번 워크샵에서 저와 싸이먼과 함께 허리건강에 이익이 되는 카이젠요가 Therapeutic Backbending 메쏘드를 통해

허리가 왜 아픈가?

요가를 통해 어떻게 허리통증없는 삶에 한걸음 다가갈 수 있을까?

에 대해 함께 배우고 수련하겠습니다.

워크샵 자세한 내용 및 참가신청방법은:


R 7.25

Therapeutic Flying


(한글설명은 아래에)Like a Thai Massage in the air! Come join me for this wonderful introduction to the softer side of acroyoga- flying therapeutics.
With gravity on our side, we use this to help ground down while lifting up.

This work +playshop is appropriate for all levels. We we make sure to work closely with spotters and introduce the practice with a lot of weight sharing techniques on the ground before progressively taking flight!

This serves as a wonderful compliment/ balancing practice to my Therapeutic Backbending workshop the day before. (Details here: )

*** No partner or experience needed. Please be comfortable touching others and being touched. ***

Registration |
300,000VND paid to Nomad Yoga
15,000w (in Korea) via bank transfer
KB Bank #1111-0204-007312 | Kang Byeong Gil

Please feel free to contact me, Mindy Sisco , with any questions or concerns. See you soon!