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Ashtanga 10-Day Challenge | V

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Snopacalypse 2019 couldn’t stop us last session! Here we go again!

All you have to do is sign up for the next session- ready to roll here. There is an option for first session students and returning ashtanga student.
A note about SESSION V | There price is $145 for students' first session which will include blocks. ($135 for subsequent sessions.) Here's why:

I'm so thankful for the growing number of students and think blocks are the most essential prop. Inspired by Marie Kondo's Shintoism + something my Acro friend told me-
handbalancers have their own personal plank of wood, their version of a yoga mat. Our hands are responsible for some much energy exchange- some call it woo-woo, I call it romantic- the idea of your hands cultivating an ongoing relationship with a familiar place. This relationship is reciprocal- energy shared it not energy lost.

Long story short, I want everyone to have your home base- a place to lay your hands. A place of support and surprises. (Remember the wow of first time you got your legs up in dandasana?) A place you come back to again and again.

Thank for indulging me. Always a blessing, never a chore. I can't wait to see you in February!

As always, AM session from 6am-715am and PM session from 1pm-215pm. Can’t wait!!!

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