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Yoga Specialists 40hr Teacher Training

  • TOULA YOGA Cedar Rapids Iowa (map)
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This series takes one are of focus and does the deep dive. Crystals and inspirational quotes are great- but what about the student that can’t get down to or up off of the floor?


This teacher training module couples the knee and hip because rarely do things malfunction in isolation. We have an opportunity to learn the anatomy and physiology of the knees and hip joints with licensed physical therapist, Stephanie Kwok. We will learn how it works and begin investigating how it breaks down.


Other guest teacher, Melissa Springsteen, is a Language Arts educator. Her research emphasis towards her master’s degree centered on the art and act of feedback. We take the common denominators of educating and explore how to apply that knowledge to our classroom-the studio.

We will be working with one specific sequence, written by me, a curation of my own experience rehabbing my knee after my ACL reconstruction, and working with students who include dynamic athletes looking to play again after injury, students managing the long-term effects of strokes, students that have no clue how their body is held together and students on the verge of giving up. You will learn this specific sequence and how to mold it to be appropriate for each of the students listed above. Yes, there is common ground, there is a way. You just need to know how.


The 40hr program is organized as follows |

10 hours | Lecture (may be adjusted per the needs of the group)

  • 2hrs Yoga Anatomy and Physiology with Stephanie Kwok, Lic. PT

  • 2 hrs Feedback Workshop

  • 1hr Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices (general)

  • 1hr Intro to Adjustments | Agency and Consent

  • 2hrs sequence dissection

  • 2hrs feedback- aural and hands-on adjustments

10 hours | asana practice

In this program, you will work side-by-side with non-ttc track students. But having the experience yourself, not just knowing the poses, literally feeling them- you begin to bond with your student. When you say to them, “I understand how you feel,” it’s a statement of fact, not a filler for the conversation.

10 hours | Observation and Assisting

In addition to attending class as a student, you will spend time learning how to read movements and body language to facilitate learning.. (Schedule to be determined- hours conducted during class hours.)

10 hrs | Practice Teaching, Self Assessment and Feedback

The only way to do it is to do it! Regarding teaching practice, you decide what format is best to practice putting this sequence into action. You may decide to organize a small class. You may want to lead a student 1:1. I want to make sure you are in a space where you are comfortable putting your tools to work.

  • 5hrs | You will teach 6 classes in the following time blocks | (1 x 15min session, 1 x 30min session, 3 x 60min sessions, 1 x 75 mins session).

  • 5hrs | You will record each sessions (for private viewing.) You will review each session, give yourself your own feedback and as request specific feedback from me.

I am so excited to work on this program with you. This program will give your passion and knowledge some legs and really take you into usable, accessible spaces. There is a big world of opportunities outside of the studio- this is the bridge!

Tuition | $600

Payment options | *** Payment plans available. Please message Mindy to make arrangements. ***

  • secure online payment with any major credit/debit card or bank transfer by clicking link ADD TO CART

  • Venmo to @kaizenkorea

  • personal check to Mindy Sisco

  • cash to Mindy or Toula staff

Yoga Specialist 40hr TTC Module
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